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Sample of Appreciation Letter for Project Completion

A sample of appreciation letter for project completion is a formal letter, written by someone on behalf of the senior management of a company (or a member of the management), informing, praising and appreciating

Sample of Employment Satisfaction Letter

Every employee wishes to excel at their job and make their employer feel proud of having them in the organization. If you are sitting at a managing post in a certain organization and you

Sample of Customer Appreciation Letter

Whenever you have made a purchase, or you have been served by an organization in any way and you believe that their service was exceptional, you can write them a letter of appreciation. Let

Sample of Letter of Appreciation to Employer

If your employer has given you an opportunity, then you must thank him/her for doing so. For instance, there are times when your employer gives you tasks which are out of the box but

Sample of Thank You Letter for Leave Approval

A thank you letter for leave approval, as the name suggests, is written in order to thank your organization, boss or the HR department for the fact that they considered your problem and allowed

How to Write Appreciation Letter for Project Completion

Introduction Begin my introducing yourself to your employees or customers. This may not be mandatory if you are addressing the letter to members within the company, as most of them would already know you.

How to Write a Thank You Letter for Appreciation

Take a Formal Start Take a very formal start, writing “Dear Mr. /Ms. /Mrs., followed by the second name of the receiver.” Thank the Receiver In the opening paragraph, show your gratitude and thankfulness