Layoff Email From Boss

Used by almost all major organizations these days, layoff emails are a convenient way to terminate the services of employees. An email provides the boss an opportunity to clarify the reasons behind the decision taken by the management. However, the boss must also ensure that the language used in the layoff email is professional and to the point. You should appreciate the services of the terminated employee, but there is no need to be apologetic.

Without lingering on the topic, you should come to the point in the opening paragraph of the email and let the employee know that his/her services are no longer required.

In the body of the layoff email, you should thoroughly state the reasons behind the termination. If the employee was warned in past, you should state that in the second, third or the fourth paragraph of the email.

Before saying goodbye to the employee, you should thank him or her for past services, and wish him/her well for the future. Make sure that you do not end the email on an unpleasant note.

Sample of Layoff Email From Boss


Subject: Termination

Dear Stacy,

The company faced a massive profit decline last year, which is the reason why we have decided to let go of those employees whose performance has not been up to the mark. Unfortunately, you are among the list of employees who have been terminated.

It was communicated to all employees last month that they needed to enhance their performance; however, no evident improvement in performance was witnessed on your part.

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your services to the company, and wish you all the best for the future.


William Hooper
CEO, William INC.

Template of Layoff Email From Boss

To: [email address of the terminated employee]
Cc: [email address of the concerned team lead, supervisor or manager]

Subject: Termination

Dear [name of the terminated employee]

As you are aware, our company tries to maintain high standards of professionalism and discipline. Unfortunately, you saw fit to misbehave with your team lead last week, and after thorough investigation, we have found witnesses that prove you were guilty. As a result, the management has decided to let you go immediately, on disciplinary grounds.

Having worked with the company for more than five years, you should have been aware of office decorum and hierarchy.

We wish you the best for all your future endeavours, and thank you for having served the company efficiently for so long.

Thank you,

[Your name]

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