Sample of Sick Leave E-mail

Sick leave e-mail

With technological advancements taking place, you can now write an e-mail to your workplace in order to let them know that you are not going to be coming to work because you are sick. It’s true that letters actually have a far better impact, but most organizations now accept e-mails and give them a priority because they are easy to check and maintain and require very little effort.

If you are writing a sick leave e-mail to your organization, first of all make sure that you maintain a formal and professional tone. Secondly, do not write too much detail. Be as concise as possible and try to sum up the story in a few words. In case there are certain medical documents which you need to show to them, you can always scan them and attach them with your e-mail.

Sample of Sick Leave E-mail

Dear Sir,

I am writing this e-mail to let you know that I will not be able to come to work for two to three days. It’s because I am suffering from thyroid and fever and my doctors have asked me to take rest. Since I am not allowed to come under a lot of stress, I will not be able to complete my work from home.

I know that my leave balance states that there are still 18 leaves left for me this year; therefore, it is requested that you do not deduct my salary and cut three days off from my leave balance.

I am currently working on the construction project that is underway in Chicago. My Assistant Manager, Robert Drake, will take charge during my absence. He has all the knowledge regarding the project and he can easily guide my team throughout the time I am not around.

If there are any queries, you can always contact me through my e-mail address or my personal phone number 038-3397229-34.

Thanks and regards,

Duke Josh

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