How to Write a Study Leave Letter

Address the manager

You need to begin by stating the name and designation of the person you are directing your request to. If you have a direct supervisor, you should be writing the letter to him/her. He/she will then forward it to the either the Human Resource department or the Project Manager.

Keep it formal

Use proper salutations, titles and designations whenever writing a formal letter. The use of slangs and other inappropriate words should also be avoided.

Getting to the point

It is very important that you do not waste time in pleasantries and get to the point as soon as possible. Explain that the purpose of the letter is to seek a study leave. You need to mention the name of the institution you will be joining and the duration (along with the dates) you will be missing work. All this information needs to be given in the first paragraph.

Attach documents and study plan with your letter

It is a good idea to attach relevant documents proving that you have taken admission in a particular institution. These documents may include scholarship letters, admission letters and fee receipts. You need to attach details about the programme you have registered yourself in which may include the time table for the classes or the curriculum.

End on a positive note

You need to end the letter on a positive note, letting the manager know that you are expecting a favourable outcome to your request. Sign the letter by hand in the end.

Go through the letter once more

Never dispatch a letter before going through it one last time to fix typos and other errors. Remember, a letter with mistakes leaves a bad impression on the reader. Make sure all names and addresses are correctly spelled.


– Provide as many details as you can.

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