How to Write a Sister’s Marriage Leave Letter

Plan ahead

Your sister’s wedding is a valid reason to request days off from work. However, like all other planned leaves, you need to write a letter to your boss or manager well in advance, seeking leave for a defined period of time to attend your sister’s marriage.

Use Professional language

Since it is an official correspondence, use professional but simple language.

Address the right person

In your leave letter, address the right person. A leave letter is usually sent to your direct supervisor or manager, who then forwards it to the Human Resource Department for approval or disapproval.

Use proper salutations

Since you are writing a letter to your boss or manager, it is obvious that you know his/her name. Use the appropriate title (Mr, Mrs, Miss etc) followed by the surname only. If your manager is a woman, you don’t need to know if she uses Miss or Mrs, use Ms, which goes for both married and single ladies.

Explain your case with details

Clearly mention the reason behind your request and the specifics of your leaves in the opening paragraph of your letter. In this case, you need to cite your sister’s wedding and how it requires you to take days off. Leave no confusion in regards to the dates, and mention them exactly (date, month and year) so that there is no ambiguity or misunderstanding.

Offer solutions for potential issues

In the second paragraph, assure your boss that going on leave will not affect your work and assignments. If your work is of an urgent nature, you may need to assign a backup. It is best if a trusted colleague can cover for you during your time off.

Share your contact details and offer assistance

If you are going to be leaving the city to attend the wedding, you can provide a contact address. You should also provide your e-mail or phone number in case you need to be contacted due to an emergency at work.

Tips and warnings:

- Proof read your letter a couple of times to avoid mistakes.
– Write your letter as simply and clearly as possible.

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