Cover Letter for Executive Marketing Position Sample

This is a cover letter for higher-level marketing position and it is based on the recommendation. You know the company, you have done some marketing analysis on them and you understand how you can help them out.

You are sending this letter based on someone from the company who has reached out to you. It is an incoming job offer. Board member, adviser or one of the current employees actually recommended you and also informed the main decision maker, you will be in touch.

Cover letter for Executive level marketing positions should not just be about you but it should be about the company you are applying with. List high-level summary of your thoughts on how you can improve their end results.

James Kahn
213 Cavendish Square
London, UK
Your Post Code

December 07, 2013

Julie Fong
Chief Executive Officer
Health 101 Inc
101 High Road
London, UK
Suite 300

Dear Ms. Fong,

John Adams, your board member spoke to me about how I can help increase the RIO (return on investment) for your { main product, whatever it may be}. After doing some initial analysis I have come up with some ideas that may be very useful to you.

I have looked at both the existing established products of yours along with the latest releases and done extensive marketing analysis. I feel the decline in your number one product is also affecting your latest products. I think I have the right tools to not only look at what may be causing the decline in sales but also a real time financial analysis model, which can evaluate profitability in immediate terms, as well as in the long run.

In other words, let’s use these tools for { main product} and set up procedures in place to make sure this doesn’t impact other products now or in the future.

John Adams provided a Birdseye view of your current situation, I’m sure speaking with you in person, would help speedup the full understanding and better delivery of possible solutions. I assure you this no commitment meeting, will be kept confidential and will give both of us a chance to test synergies.

Early next week I will call your office to set up an appointment. If you want to have this meeting earlier, please suggest some times later this week and I will try my best to accommodate you.

Thank you,

James Kahn

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