Sample of Job Cover Letter for Construction Foreman

construction foreman

This letter is for the position of the construction foreman but someone who knows the company that is hiring, has informed you of this position. Always get the name and the title of the person, you should be sending the letter to and include it in the start of your letter. It is best to start the letter off with the name of the person who informed you about the position. The referrer has not only informed you but also allowed you to use his/her name in your cover letter.

Make sure to list a short summary of your experience and qualifications. Do not go over board; and do not list everything you have ever done, as manager in the construction industry. Cover letter is a quick summary. Your resume will cover details of what you have done. End the letter by letting them know when you will be calling.

Sample of Job Cover Letter for Construction Foreman

Sam Miller
1230 Wam Road
Silver Spring, Maryland

December 13, 2013
Mr. John Henry
Henry Construction
888 Edgeware Road
Silver Spring, Maryland

Dear Mr. Henry,

Tariq Sid informed me your firm is looking to hire a foreman in the next few weeks. Mr. Sid who spoke very highly of you, thinks I might be a good fit for this position. Your job specs posted in the Silver Spring Daily is exactly what I excel at.

I worked as a foreman with my last company for over eight years and am very thankful for what I learnt from the president. The number one thing over anything else is the satisfied client while still maintaining good return on investment. I have excellent people skills, which allow me to easily get along with my crew, my reporting supervisor(s) and the valuable clients.

In my eight year of service as a foreman, I was able to maintain over 95% retention of my workers, had not even a single safety breach and was able to perform all tasks on or ahead of schedule.
I understand what roles employ and technology plays in success of construction work, letting you as a boss to focus on other important aspects of your business.

I will call your office on Thursday to arrange an interview. Looking forward to meeting you.

Yours truly,

Sam Miller

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