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Sample of Cover Letter for Event Coordinator

This is a letter you can use when someone has referred you to a job in the convention industry. Remember being referred is always a good way to get in, someone actually believes in

Sample of Job Cover Letter for Construction Foreman

This letter is for the position of the construction foreman but someone who knows the company that is hiring, has informed you of this position. Always get the name and the title of the

Cover Letter for Executive Marketing Position Sample

This is a cover letter for higher-level marketing position and it is based on the recommendation. You know the company, you have done some marketing analysis on them and you understand how you can

Cover Letter for CAD Designer Sample

This is a cover letter for someone who met you at a conference and is interested in hiring you as a CAD Designer. To make sure the person remembers who you are, start the

How to Write a Cover Letter for a Resume

How To Write a Cover Letter An impressive cover letter can make the employer read your application thoroughly, getting him/her to call you for a job interview. Here are some tips to help you.