Sample of Valentine’s Day Letter to Girlfriend

Even though you are most probably going to be spending time with your girlfriend on Valentine’s Day, writing a letter is one of the best ways to make the day even more special and compliment the gifts you have for her. Your letter can be anything, a personal message, a recollection of days past or your hopes for a bright future, as long as you pour out your heart into it.

Sample of Valentine’s Day Letter to Girlfriend

Dear Emma,

Since you already had a fair idea of what I was going to get you for Valentine’s Day, I wanted to give you a special surprise by writing this letter. Even as I sit down to write this, I feel like words cannot do justice to the feelings I have for you. You have truly been an amazing influence on my life and from the moment I met you, I knew you were special. The past four years that we have spent together have only confirmed that very thought, and I am sure that our relationship will only move from strength to strength as time goes by.

I also want to thank you for standing by me through thick and thin and giving me much needed support in times when I felt I had no one to turn to. You have been a guiding star for me, quite literally, and I truly respect and admire your honesty, objectivity and selflessness. I know I have not been able to do as much for you as you have done for me, but I do try, everyday, to be a better person for you and contribute positively to our beautiful relationship.

Even though I constantly wish and pray, I am certain that the future holds great surprises for us and I cannot think of getting through a single day without you by my side.

I am truly lucky to have someone like you.

Yours sincerely,


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