How to Write a Salary Acceptance Letter

Open the letter in a formal style

Address the letter to the person with whom you are in the negotiation process to set the salary you wish for and deserve! Usually the Human Resource Department of the organizations deals the salary settlement issues. However, you can find the name of the receiver at the top of the salary offer letter that you get.

Formally Accept the Salary Offer

In the opening paragraph, briefly mention your decision to formally accept the salary offer.

Show Gratitude

Once you accept the salary offer, it means you are satisfied and find it matching your input into the organization’s overall output. So, humbly express your thankfulness to the management for considering your capabilities and offering you the desired salary package.

Mention the Specifics of Salary Offer – If Any

Be grateful to the organization for all the opportunities that came with the salary offer letter. It may include the insurance, medical allowance or other benefits.

Conclude the Letter in a Grateful Manner

Wrap up your Salary Acceptance Letter by letting your new employer know once more how much you appreciate the salary offer. Moreover, show your determination to continue your hard work in order to be more productive for the company.

Tips to Write an Appreciative Salary Acceptance Letter:

– Make sure that the opening paragraph of the letter is to the point, keeping it within one to two sentences.
– Convey a very formal, polite and respectful tone throughout the salary acceptance letter.
– Make your salary acceptance letter free from all typos and errors; proof reading it very carefully for few times.
– The tone of your letter should be very upbeat; it should be professional, brief and a true representation of your appreciation regarding the salary offer.

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