Sample of Financial Hardship Letter

A financial hardship letter can be written to anyone you want to talk to. You simply have to explain to them what type of financial problems you are going through. Start off by writing to the person who the letter concerns to. Explain to them about your problem and why exactly you are having this trouble. You can be as expressive as you want since the other person needs to know the full story from your side.

Make sure that you maintain a formal and professional tone throughout your letter. Moreover, be descriptive and mention everything which you believe is important.

Sample of Financial Hardship Letter

To whom it may concern,

I am writing this letter in order to inform you about the reasons why I could not continue making my monthly house payments.

First of all, it is to bring to your kind notice that I recently got divorced. I and my husband separated back in June 2013 and now I am no longer counting on his income, which ranged between $2200 and $3000. Since his departure, I am the only working person at home. In fact, with my extremely low pay, which I make by teaching at school, I have to accommodate for three kids since my husband did not take the responsibility of any of them.

Since I could not cover my daily expense, I decided to ask for a loan from the bank. This is why I am in a $7200 debt and I still do not have sufficient money to pay for it.

Now I have come to the point where my bills and expenses are more than I can afford. It is impossible for me to work three times a day, but I still somehow manage to do it so that I can afford for my kids to go to school and eat their meals three times a day. However, it is becoming increasingly difficult for me to pay my house rent along with other bills.

I hope you understand my problem and help me out with the whole scenario.

Thanks and regards,

Mary White

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