Sample of Credit Card Hardship Letter

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A credit card hardship letter is written when a party simply cannot pay the debt of the credit card due to some hardship it has gone through. While writing this letter you must make sure that your tone remains formal and extremely professional.

You are writing to the authorities or the bank itself in order to inform them about your problems. Write about the whole problem and give them every detail which you believe is necessary.

Sample of Credit Card Hardship Letter

July 1, 2014

To whom it may concern,

I have to inform you that in June 2009 my husband injured himself while he was working and he has not been able to work since. We get absolutely no assistance from his previous employer and the disability payments have stopped as well. Moreover, we do not even have a family member who can support us financially.

My husband worked as a plumber and he has been doing the same job since the past 22 years. However, due to his back injury, he will not be coming back to the job he was once doing. He is currently 56 years old with absolutely no other skill which he can utilize to work. So basically from earning $55000 a year, he is now earning nothing.

At first we thought that he might return to work, but despite having 3 back surgeries, he is still not able to get up and is not allowed to do any physical work.

We have four children who are between the ages of 3 and 16. I have always been a housewife but still I took a part-time job at the local dairy store. This gives me $8.00 with absolutely no benefits. It is not enough, but we somehow manage.

Before my husband had this injury, he was in a credit card debt and we were unable to handle it. After this injury we were using credit cards in order to support our family. Now the debt is quite huge and we cannot afford the minimum payments. The credit card companies were not willing to assist us in this case.

This debt is causing a lot of hardships on our family. I never thought that this could happen. We have already considered bankruptcy since currently we have nothing to lose. Please help us in handling the debt since we have no other option.

Thanks and regards,

Jennifer Dawn

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