Goodbye letter to Co-worker

Co-workers are an important part of anyone’s professional life. Once you start working in an organization, these co-workers and colleagues become friends. Overtime, these people become a part of your life and it’s hard to live without them. However, there comes a point in life when you plan on leaving your job whenever you get a better opportunity elsewhere. In this case, the best way to say goodbye to your co-workers is through a well-written goodbye letter.

Once you have informed your employer about the decision you have taken regarding your departure from the organization, it is your duty to let your co-workers know as well. For that you must write a goodbye letter to all the co-workers so you can thank them for the wonderful time that they have given you. Moreover, you can also underline your future plans so they can understand why you decided to quit.

Make sure that you thank your co-worker for all the beautiful times he/she had to offer. Also, explain to them how you were lucky enough to get an opportunity to work with them. Lastly, wish them luck for their future and always mention your contact details so they can remain in touch with you.

Sample of Goodbye letter to co-worker

Dear Samantha,

This is to inform you that today I have resigned from this organization and it is my last day at work. With the help of this goodbye letter I want to thank you for all the beautiful memories that you have given me. There is no doubt that this place was like a second home to me and forgetting it would be extremely hard since I had the best days of my life here. Working with you as my co-worker was a spectacular experience. This place helped me make some really good friends and today I am bidding farewell to all of them.

It is an honour for me that I had the opportunity to work with a professional like you. You have helped me a lot over the past four years and your encouragement helped me achieve whatever I did during this time. I will always remember the days we had would team up in order to accomplish the most difficult of tasks.

Keep in touch. (My contact details are given below).

Goodbye and all the best for your future,

Thanking you,

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