Sample of a Donation Gratitude Letter

What is a Donation Gratitude Letter?

A donation gratitude letter is a thank you letter written after receiving donations from a particular individual or an organisation. This letter of thanks holds significant importance for future contacts between you and the donor. You need to be humble and express your utmost gratitude towards the donor and encourage him or her to continue donating to your cause.

Sample of a Donation Gratitude Letter

Mark Karev

ABC Charity
123 Anywhere Street,
Best State 88889



Ms. Jessica Shawn
456 Somewhere Road,
Best Town,
Best State 88888

Dear Ms. Shawn,

On behalf of XYZ Charity, I would like to thank you for your contribution of $20,000 to our Summer Camp program.

For over 30 years XYZ Charity has been helping children between the ages of 8 and 18 attend summer camps, where they develop various skills and friendships that will last them a life time. These camps help children stay off the streets and away from drugs, which can destroy their lives. Kids from poor families or broken homes, who cannot afford to pay to get in these camps, greatly appreciate the kind hearted people who help us make this happen.

It is due to your generous donation that we will be able to send an additional eight children to camp this year. This has also enabled us to register 400 kids for this summer and we will keep on working to reach our target of registering 600 by next year.

You have been a major contributor to our cause, which cannot be denied and deserves commendation.

We again thank you for your generosity and look forward to future support from you.



[Signature Required]

Mark Karev
Fundraising Manager


– Your letter should convey your gratitude for the donor and his/her contribution.

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