Sample of a Charity Sponsorship Letter

What is a Charity Sponsorship Letter?

A charity sponsorship letter is written by an individual or organisation to request a person or company to financially support their charity.

Sample of a Charity Sponsorship Letter

David Taylor
Public Relations Officer
Serena Environmental Society
Surrey Road
California – 434245

Date: 20th August 2010

Steven Smith
Managing Director
ABC Waste Solutions
26 Main Street
California -434264

Dear Mr. Smith,

Our organisation, Serena Environmental Society, dedicated to protecting the environment, is planning to organise its annual Save the Earth gala, at the end of next month. This will be the fourth Save the Earth gala, and this time the objective of the event is to increase awareness about global warming and the threats our planet is facing due to increase in pollution.

The success of our event in the past has been largely due to the contributions of our sponsors, your company being one of them. There is no doubt your company has gone out of the way to lend financial support to this environment-friendly event. We hope that like the past, you will join hands with us in this event by sponsoring the earth gala. As an organisation dedicated to the cause of green solutions, you are surely an ideal partner for us in this venture.

SES would be grateful if you helped in sponsoring the fourth edition of Save the Earth gala. As a sponsor, your organisation will definitely receive extended media coverage. Your generous sponsorship would also be highlighted in the announcements to ours members during the opening ceremony of the gala, and in an article about the event, to be published in our newsletter.

Like the past three editions of the gala, the amount a sponsor may contribute is flexible, and we have different packages for sponsorship as listed below.

$_50,000_ – Your name, description, and logo
$_35,000_ – Your name and description
$_20,000_ – Your name and logo
$_10,000_ – Your name

If you are interested in sponsoring us, please get back to me during working hours at +447024123456, or via email at

Thank you very much for your time and consideration, we are hoping for a positive response from you.


David Taylor
Public Relations Officer
Serena Environmental Society

Tips and Warnings:

– Do not forget to hand-sign your sponsorship request letter.
– Include a sponsorship form to be filled out by your potential sponsor.
– Use an official letterhead to write the sponsorship letter.

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