Sample of End a Company Letter

An End a Company Letter is written when you are about to dissolve your business and you either have to inform your customer or your supplier about how you will not be able to continue this business any further. You don’t really have to explain them the reason for your closure, but this letter basically helps you resolve all the dues or equipment which you and the other party shared.

In the case of suppliers, you can always write to them about how you liked dealing with them. Moreover, if there are any dues which you have to pay to them, then ask them to collect them before your closing date. For customers, you need to do the same. Thank them for being there for you and then add the fact that you are closing the business. If you have anything that you want them to have, simply write that piece of information as well. Make sure that you maintain a formal and professional tone throughout the letter.

Sample of End a Company Letter

Distinct Technologies PVT Ltd
9th Avenue, Greater Road
London, United Kingdom

Date: 24-3-2014

Jonathan Marco
H. No 549, St 86
1234 Filing Avenue
London, United Kingdom

Dear Mr Marco:

We will be closing our business, Distinct Technologies PVT Ltd, on April 26, 2014. Therefore, you will have to personally come in and collect all your supplies and the unrepaired television before this date or we will not be able to return back anything as the supplies and equipment of all the customers who will be unable to make it before this date will be given to charity.

I would like to thank you for all the past businesses and dealings which we have had. Moreover, I would also like to add that we have thoroughly enjoyed having you as our customer. However, due to some problems we are going to close the business. Please do not hesitate to call us on our personal number: 234-89273-09 or e-mail us on Let us know whether there is anything that you think we can help you with before April 26, 2014.

It was always nice to have you around.


Jonthan Jones
Store Manager
Distinct Technologies UK

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