Sample of Formal Letter to Editor of Local Newspaper

Whenever you write to the editor of your local newspaper, you should address an issue which is going to catch his/her eye. If the newspaper has not been writing over this issue, then give them a reason to write a column based on your own research. Start off by addressing the issue and then give detailed information. Make sure that your tone remains formal throughout the letter.

Sample of Formal Letter to Editor of Local Newspaper

Dear Sir,

Through the columns of your esteemed newspaper, I would like to bring to the notice of all the environmental groups operating within our city that they have absolutely no regard for the river. They are currently polluting the area to an extent that it is adversely affecting the mass population of the city.

There are several industries which are operating near the river and they range from tanneries, chemicals, and electronics to even heavy machinery. All these industries are the reason why this city is so polluted and the industrial sector is absolutely ignoring this fact as they dump their solid and liquid waste into the river.

As a concerned citizen, I decided to visit the local effluent treatment plant. However, I was left in a shock just to see that they had to shut down because they had no working capital. Due to the liquid and solid waste, the fish in the river are dying along with other life forms. The river, near the industrial area, actually looks like a sewer. Maybe these industries do not realize that this river will only bring them good will.

If these industries are not planning to take any action then I should let you know that there is a huge possibility that this waste can end up plaguing the nearby citizens.

Thanking you,

George Martin

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