Sample of Condolence Letter

Rest in peace

A condolence letter is written when someone dies and you want to write to his family or a close friend in order to express the fact that you are saddened by their loss. Simply write to them and explain to them how deeply saddened you are to lose a person like him/her and that person was close to you as well.

Make sure that you maintain and formal and professional tone because this is a serious letter. Moreover, you can explain as much as you want; and you don’t need to be concise at all. Just make sure that you make them feel as if you are with them in this grave calamity which has fallen on them after the loss of this one person.

Sample of Condolence Letter

20 October 2013

Mr Jenny Dung
Mr Brown Philip

Dear Mr Jenny and Mr Brown,

I was extremely sad to hear about the loss of your father, Mr White Jane.

He was a member of the parliament since the past eight years and has been a loyal servant of the country. He was always involved in heated debates throughout the time he was busy serving the country. His efforts did not go in vain as he was able to pass not only two amendments; in fact, he was already working on the third which is still a project that we are working on.

It’s true that I was personally not attached to him at that level that I would interact with him on a daily basis. However, it was not due to any differences but because he was an extremely hard worker and would rarely talk with anyone else.

My last meeting with your father was on the weekend. The two of us met and spoke about current affairs for hours. I understand that he was sick and explained to me how he has little time left. However, despite the fact that the doctor gave him a final verdict, he was still willing to change the world.

I am truly saddened by your loss and I pray that your family can overcome it.

Please accept my deepest condolences.

Sincerely yours,

Jake Long

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