Sample of Concert Approval Letter


A concert approval letter is written in reply to a proposal for a concert. This letter can be written to anyone who has proposed for a concert. Simply write to them and approve whatever there was in the proposal. However, if there are any points which you want the other person to reconsider write them again and highlight them in the letter.

Make sure you maintain a professional and formal tone throughout the letter. Moreover, you can be as detailed as you want since the letter will mostly be a conversation between you and your partner.

Sample of Concert Approval Letter

Dear Stacey,

We received your letter in which you requested to hold a concert in the premises of the Jumanji University, Colorado. We are writing to inform you that we have approved the proposal of your concert and have already forwarded the request to the dean of the university. Mr Jones is ready to sign the proposal and will only need to meet up with you so he can know all the dynamics of the event which is about to take place.

There are certain points which we need to reconsider. For instance, the fact that outsiders should be allowed; we just need to inquire whether your team has the facility to take care of the security situation throughout the campus. Moreover, you were ready to share 50% burden of the overall cost as you stated that you will be making enough money to give half to the concert and half to the charity for which you are going to hold this concert. We would like to know whether you are going to require our assistance in the calculation of the overall budget or not.

We understand that Coldplay is a huge name and every person in the world wants to listen to them, but that simply does not sum up the amount of tickets which we are willing to sell. We do not want the event to be bigger than us as we believe that we won’t be able to handle it ourselves.

Please write back to us and let us know about these minute details.

Thanks and regards,

Jumanji University

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