Sample of Writing a Letter to Santa Claus

Here is a sample for how to write a letter to Santa Claus if you want to.

Sample of writing a letter to Santa Claus

Sally Love
123 Ding Lane
Cleveland, OH 2347

November 28th, 2013

Dear Santa Claus,

My name is Sally and my age is 7 ½ years. How are you? I just have to let you know that throughout the year I have been extremely nice. I have listened to whatever people have asked me to do and I have not lied at all. My mom asked me to do a few house chores and I was able to complete them as well. My dad would keep telling me to clean my room and I did after every two days. I am very nice to my little brother even though he gets annoying sometimes.

Last year you were able to bring me whatever I asked you to and I will thank you for that. The gifts were really nice. I loved the doll house which I always wanted. But this time I want something else. Since I have crossed 7 I think I am old enough to have a pet. Every girl I know has a pet and I want one too. So I was thinking maybe if you could get me a kitten or a dog it would be really helpful. I will feet them and play with them and even wash them once in a while.

Mommy thinks having a pet would be nice and I think you should listen to mommy and bring me a pet which I have always wanted. Please it would be really nice if you could get me any pet for this Christmas. It will make me happy and I will behave even better next year.

Thank you so much.




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