Sample of Christmas Letter to Daughter

While writing a Christmas letter to your daughter, always start off by wishing her a Merry Christmas. In the later paragraphs you can always explain how you miss her and you wish you were with her during this time. Christmas is an occasion where you want to spend time with your family and you can always ask your daughter to come for a visit if she is not planning to do so herself.

Sample of Christmas Letter to Daughter

Number 8 Private Road
Boyce Avenue
Ontario, CA

Dear Juliana,

I hope this letter has found you in good health. I am writing to you in order to wish you a Merry Christmas.

It has been so long since we had a mother daughter talk. Since you got married, we have barely spent time together on Christmas. You know how you are now in Australia and have moved far away from me while I am in Canada. The two of us simply can’t interact the way we used to. The personal bond is simply gone and I wish that we reunite this Christmas.

I am going to send you a return ticket from Australia to Canada so you can visit me this Christmas. I wish I could travel to you, but my health does not allow me to. I really hope that you take the offer and come visit me alongside your husband, Bran, and your little kids Julie and John.

This evening is only bringing tears to my eyes because I am missing my only daughter and I really hope that you can visit me to give your old mother a hug, just like you used to when you were a little kid.

I have to go now since I have a lot of chores to take care of. A Merry Christmas to you and your family. I am hoping for a quick response from your side so that I can start making the necessary preparations for your arrival.

Loads of love,


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