Sample of Common Farewell Letter

farewell letter

A common farewell letter can be written to anyone who you want to bid farewell to. It can be formal or informal. If you are using it to say goodbye to your friends, then it can be informal. However, in the case of businesses and internal communication, it can be a formal letter where you can bid farewell to your co-workers.

Start the letter off by stating the reason for your departure. Then write to them about how they have all been towards you. Thank them for their support and for always being there for you. Make sure that you maintain a structure and keep the letter concise. End the letter on a positive note and give your contact details for people who might want to get in touch with you personally.

Sample of Common Farewell Letter


The Staff
XYZ Company
239 Marina Garden Suare
CA 23874

Dear all,

I am writing this letter in order to inform all of you with great pleasure that I received a promotion and hence I will be joining another branch of the XYZ Company as the Senior Marketing Manager. However, it is going to be extremely sad to leave you people in a few days in order to take my new post at the new office.

However, before leaving for my next venture I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for being there in all circumstances and always providing me with helpful insights on everything. You have always worked as a source of motivation for me and it was your encouragement and appreciation that helped me reach where I am today.

All of you have always been extremely supportive towards me and in the past six years I have learnt a lot through the talented people which were by my side all this time. However, now it is a time to move one as I have a better opportunity in XYZ Company head office.

I will always remain in touch and in case you ever want to talk to me my personal phone number is 29374-239842-09. You can also contact me through my e-mail address

Yours Truly,

Jones Sylar

Marketing Manager
XYZ Company

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