How to Write a Vacation Leave Letter

Check your leave balance

Before writing your letter you first need to contact the Human Resource department and inquire about your leave balance. You also need to take your work load and pending assignments into consideration before seeking a leave.

Keep your letter professional

Your letter needs to be addressed professionally. It is recommended that you begin with appropriate salutation instead of using the recipient or supervisor’s first name.

Adopt a polite tone

Remember you are supposed to make a ‘request’ to your employer to allow you a leave of absence and your words and tone should be appropriate. Most employers do not like their employees going on extended leaves, but if you have a genuine reason, your boss or supervisor might see things your way.

Be clear and concise

You need to be very clear with the details. Clearly mention the number of days, along with the dates, you will be taking off. If relevant, cite your leave balance and let the employer know that you had been saving your paid holidays for this occasion, which is why you had not taken any long leaves throughout the year.

Suggest your replacement

Suggest a course of action during the time you will be away by naming a co-worker who shall be taking care of your responsibilities. It is important that you name someone with a good reputation and who the company can trust as your replacement.

Offer assistance during leave

Let your employer know that you will be available in case of emergencies. If possible, provide the contact number of the place you will be staying at, or offer assistance through e-mail.

End the letter reiterating the request

Close the letter on a formal note and summarize your request again. If you need a timely confirmation, politely request for a quick response.

Review the letter

You need to review the letter thoroughly in order to check for spelling and grammatical errors. Make sure that the dates of your vacation time are accurately mentioned, along with your emergency contact information.


- Keep the letter short and to the point.

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