How to Write Confirmation Acceptance Letter

Confirmation Letter

A confirmation letter can take various forms. It could be send to an employee by an organization, confirming their decision to hire him or her on a permanent basis. Moreover, it can be sent by an employee, where he or she confirms his/her decision to join the company and so forth. In other instances, the letter is an acknowledgement to confirm the details of an oral agreement between two parties in regards to resignation, payment, booking, confirming orders, events, meetings, travel arrangements etc.  All in all, they are standard business letters where the concerning parties confirm a certain decision.


In the introduction paragraph, inform the reader about your decision. Here you only need to briefly confirm the details in writing such as date and time etc. For instance, you can write this email to your employees after they have served their probationary periods, offering them a full-time position.


In the body, document the offer in detail. You can include specifics about the new job description, designation, salary package, benefits etc. Make sure that you clearly mention all relevant details, in accordance with your company’s policies.

Highlight the employee’s achievements over the previous period, and the tasks he/she has performed. You should further state your future expectations and any added responsibilities the employee will be handed.


In the final paragraph, ask the reader if he or she needs further clarity regarding the agreement. Mention the consequences if the activities are not performed adequately or vice versa, include any benefits which are up for grabs if the performance is at the optimum level. Thank the reader for his or her efforts before signing off.


As discussed earlier, the confirmation letter can vary depending on the nature of your agreement with the other party. Therefore the tone of the letter can vary from being to the point and straight forward, to being light and positive. The length of the letter must be short but it should include all relevant details for the recipient’s and your own convenience. As it will be considered a binding agreement between the two parties, it must not contain any grammatical mistakes, or any errors related to numbers.

– Inform the reader that acknowledgement of the receipt will be mandatory.
– Attach the company’s policy details with the document if required.
– Important dates or terms can be highlighted.
– Keep a copy of the letter for your own reference.

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