Sample of Medical School Acceptance Letter

A medical school acceptance letter is written by the medical school in order to let the students know that they have been accepted after their admission tests and certain analysis. The medical school writes to the students and informs them about all the formalities that need to be fulfilled during this time.

While writing an acceptance letter, you must make sure that you provide all necessary information and keep it as concise as possible. Secondly, be clear to the person you are writing to. Start off by breaking the good news about accepting an individual and then talk about anything else that is supposed to be written. For instance, if the acceptance is conditional, you can write about the conditions. Lastly, write down the contact information as it may be suitable for him/her later on.

Sample of Medical School Acceptance Letter

Dear Mr Gill,

It is my pleasure to offer you a position in the 2014 entering class at the Juke Medical School of Further Studies. This acceptance of your application requires that you maintain, as a minimum, a “B” average for any college prerequisite course work not yet completed. Acceptance into the class is provisional upon successful completion of a Background Check conducted under the direction of the School of Medicine prior to Matriculation. An official transcript of all academic courses completed at all colleges and universities attended must be submitted to the Office of Medical Student Affairs prior to Matriculation.

In order to accept this position in the 2014 entering class, please complete and return the enclosed form, and a $100.00 deposit, within two weeks of receipt of this letter. You may submit the deposit online at: 12347-987124-98. When submitting your deposit online, you will be asked to enter a student identification number. Your ID # is: 982734BF

Any questions which you might want to ask regarding the acceptance of your admission should be directed to the Office of Medical Student Affairs. The extension for OMSA is 34. You can call us at anytime and ask anything. You can also email us at

Awaiting your response and looking forward to seeing you this fall.

Best wishes and Regards,

Juke Medical School of Further Studies

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