Sample of a Sister’s Marriage Leave Letter

What is a Sister’s Marriage Leave letter?

This is a letter you write to your supervisor or manager, informing him/her about the event and requesting days off to attend it. However, since marriages don’t fall under the emergency category, you need to send this letter well in advance for your leaves to be approved.

Sample of a Sister’s Marriage Leave Letter

Michael Bay
666 Conti Street
New York, NY. 60611
004 – 666666876890

26th March 2013

Bob Walker
Cullen Product and Development Manager
ABC Chemical Industries
Panasonic Station
New York, NY. 60611

Mr Walker,

I am glad to inform you that my sister’s wedding dates have been finalized. The marriage ceremony is scheduled to take place on April 7, 2013, and being the part of the family, I have to make several arrangements. Please grant me a three-day leave, from April 4 to April 6, 2013, so that I can help my family and enjoy the memorable event.

I assure you that I will complete any pending work within one week after returning from the leave. I have also informed my team-mate Benjamin Brown that I will be taking days off, and have asked him to cover for me in the meanwhile.

I am including my contact details with this letter and will be available for assistance in case of any emergencies.

Looking forward to your positive response,


Michael Bay

Tips and warnings:

- Go through your letter a few times to correct any spelling or grammatical mistakes.
– Keep your letter short but make sure you put down all the relevant details.
– If required, attach a copy of the invitation card with the letter.
– If you plan to invite your supervisor or boss to the wedding, send a separate invitation.

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