Sample of Christmas Party Invitation Letter

What is a Christmas Party Invitation Letter?

It is a personal or formal letter, where one invites someone (friend, family or colleague) over for a Christmas party.

Sample of Christmas Party Invitation Letter

Samantha Joseph,
103 S Damon St
Crompton, TX 3343

15th December, 2012

Dear Sister,

Christmas is here and it’s time to have some fun. As per our usual tradition, I cordially invite your family for this year’s Christmas party, to be hosted at our farm house on December 23, 2012. Keeping the theme in mind, we want all of you to dress in red, and join us for the preparation of the Christmas tree.

Mom and Dad will also be here after missing the last year’s event, and all of us have some catching up to do. Also, I want to see Henry and Jessica. They must be enjoying the winter vacations. Tim (writer’s husband) is also looking forward to meet David (her sister’s Husband) after a good nine months. We have prepared some fun activities and I am sure that your children will love Christmas with us.

I am eager to see all of us have a great time once again. I have also called Mike (Brother) and his fiancée, both of whom have already confirmed their presence. Kindly reply back as soon as possible and prepare for an amazing time on the 23rd.

Hope to see you on that day.  Christmas won’t be the same without you.

Yours Lovingly,

Claire Joseph

 Sample 2

Anderson Mathews

Main Boulevard
Arizona, MD 2222

10th December 2012

Subject: Christmas Party Invitation Letter

Dear Anderson,

I am writing this letter to invite you and your family to our family Christmas party on Christmas day. As per our tradition, all our family and close friends will get together and have fun all night.

The working relationship between us has blossomed over the past six months, and I am really privileged to have you as my boss. I really consider you a true friend and a part of the family. While you have already met my parents, I would now like to introduce you to my close relatives and old friends, all of whom will gather to celebrate Christmas.

Your presence will be eagerly anticipated. Come in any attire you feel comfortable in. If you have any other commitment, feel free to contact me.

Merry Christmas,

Devon Andrews

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