Sample of Christmas Letter to Boss

Christmas Letter to Boss?

A Christmas letter to boss is written by an employee to wish his manager/boss a very Happy Christmas.

Sample of Christmas Letter to Boss

Elisha Rendell
Assistant Technician
Ariel Rios Building
324 Lincoln Ave,
New York, NY 10018
(029) 665-7285

December 23, 2012

Alexander Albern
Managing Director
Ariel Rios Building
1094 Constitution Avenue
New York, NY 10018

Dear Mr. Albern,

Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you and your family!

This is a wonderful season to thank you for all the major opportunities and professional assistance I have had under your supervision over the last ten months. I seriously do not have words to express my gratitude for your unconditional guidance and encouragement. You really helped me grow in my professional career and I want to thank you so much for the being such a wonderful boss.

May God bless you, your family and your loved ones this Christmas. Once again, thank you for everything.

Yours faithfully,

Elisha Rendell.

Sample 2

Ashton James
789 Conti Street
California, LA 70118
004 – 756677876890

December 23, 2012

Miss Jessica Roberts,
Product and Development Manager
ABC Telecom Industries
Panasonic Station
New York, NY. 60611

Dear Ms. Robert,

Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you and your family!

Christmas is truly a time for sharing love, and I wish to share mine by thanking you for being such a wonderful boss. You have always shown care and concern for your employees, making sure that each and every one of us working under you shares the company’s success.

I am fully aware that at times you have gone out of your way to lend a helping hand to humble employees like me. I pray to God for you and your family’s success and wellbeing in the years to come.

Once again, I wish you a merry Christmas and a very happy new year to you and your family. Give my regards to your family and remember me in your prayers.



- The purpose of the letter is to wish your supervisor on the special occasion and show how you remember him/her.
– It is advised that you send Christmas greetings to all your supervisors.
– Keep your Christmas letter simple and to the point.
– While it is a good opportunity for you to thank your boss, don’t go overboard with the praises.

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