Sample of Funny Love Email

Heart in Email

Sometimes we get so busy in romance that we completely neglect the fun part in a relationship, which is extremely important to have a deep and strong bond. An email provides you a great opportunity to be funny and humorous with your partner and make him or her laugh. In a funny email, you can afford to be a little casual with your writing; however, make sure that you do not make spelling mistakes and the language you use is simple. Before sending the email, double check the email address of the recipient in order to save yourself from immense embarrassment.

In the introductory paragraph of the email, you should be romantic and lively, in order to cheer up your lover. Express some funny moments that you shared together in the past in the second, third or the fourth paragraphs of the email. You must understand the sense of humour of your partner, so that you can use lines which make him laugh. However, it is important to use your mind while being funny so that you do not cross limits. Try to end the email on a lighter but romantic note and make an effort to bring a smile on the face of your partner.

Sample of Funny Love Email

Subject: Random memories

My sweetheart,

I want to tell you that I love you like crazy and cannot even imagine a life without you. Last night was awesome and I loved every single bit of your craziness and jokes.

You want to know why I was laughing at you last night? While having ice cream, some part of the chocolate ice cream was stuck on your cheeks and you were looking so cute. This is also the reason why the person sitting next to us started laughing as well.

I wish both of us spend each and every evening like the last one.

I love you forever,

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