Sample of Christmas Letter to a Family

Most families choose to spend Christmas with close relatives and friends but that does not mean you can’t wish others or friends who aren’t very close but friends nevertheless. You can easily write a letter addressed to a family to show that you remember them in this special time of the year.

Begin the letter with greetings and best wishes. You should inquire about the people in the family and tell them a little about the latest happenings in your own. You can then talk about your Christmas plans and ask about theirs. Inviting them or planning a future get together is also a good idea before you finally wish them the best and conclude your letter.

Sample of Christmas Letter to a Family

The Jamesons
H.No 20, Sterling Street
Rance Avenue, Jobalo

Dear Jamesons,

We are writing this letter to wish you all the very best during this special time of the year. The friendship between our two families is very special for us and if we did not have family commitments this Christmas we would have loved to meet you all or invite you for dinner at our place.

Randy wanted to know about Jenna and wish her a merry Christmas while Mr. Harmison told me he had plans to meet Mr. Jameson after work in the coming week. I would also like to see you Martha and cook together for the two families or arrange and outdoor BBQ party. I was hoping both our families can get together on New Year’s Eve and invite all our friends as well. I am sure it would be an amazing gathering.

For now, our whole family wishes you all a very merry Christmas and hope that you have an amazing time and that our friendship grows stronger in the years to come.

Take care all of you and God bless.

Yours sincerely,

The Harmisons

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