Cover Letter for CAD Designer Sample

This is a cover letter for someone who met you at a conference and is interested in hiring you as a CAD Designer. To make sure the person remembers who you are, start the letter off with telling them where you met. Talk a bit about what you guys discussed in your person to person meeting. List the highlights of your CAD designer carrier. Cover what should be the next step and end with letting them know when you will call them.

Mark Jo
544 Bank Street
New York, NY
Your number
Your email address

December 07, 20xx

Mr. Brown
HR Manager
CAD Life Inc,
100 Perth Street
Suite 350
New York, NY

Dear Mr. Brown,

It was nice to meet you and speak with you at {name of the event}. As agreed please find attached my CV.
I totally agree with your thoughts on quality of work and using the latest technology for efficiency. You will see how I utilized my ten years experience to mentor and train team members while still staying in touch with the latest advancements in CAD designing.

{List some of your expertise, things you have done and good at should be listed in this section. Example provided below}
At my current company I have been the force behind creating definition of parts, writing modules, and worked heavily on 3D reusable models (one of my key strengths) in a linked model environment. You will especially like my proficiency in staying on track for expected cost, quality and schedules.

I am looking forward to meeting with you again to further discus my CV but most importantly how I can use my experience and skills for you. It would also be a good way for you to see my portfolio and RIO I produced for the last ten years.

I will call your office on Tuesday to see when we can meet at your office or a location of your choosing.


Mark Jo

Enclosure: resume

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