Sample of Letter of Appreciation to Employer

If your employer has given you an opportunity, then you must thank him/her for doing so. For instance, there are times when your employer gives you tasks which are out of the box but they simply show that it might lead to a promotion, then you must write a letter of appreciation to the employer.

Sample of Letter of Appreciation to Employer


Mr. Gilbert
South Abby Road
239 Kingston Town, UK

Dear Mr. Gilbert,

Thank you so much for letting me interview for the position of Finance Manager in the Finance Department. I know that you are currently extremely with the launch of the new product and I appreciate how you took out the time to speak to me regarding this problem and making me the head of recruitment this time round.

After talking with you today, I can understand why this company has been so successful over the years. You give a sense of ownership and responsibility to all your employees and that is the reason why they strive so hard to achieve the goals of the organization. Moreover, the work environment which the company has to offer is simply breath taking. It makes me happy that I get to work in an organization like this.

It is understandable that you require a team that works hand in hand in order to help the organization reach new heights. Since I have already been given a chance to represent this company on many levels, I am ready to do it again since you have given me the opportunity to do so.

Thank you so much for you time. It would be an honour to interview the candidates running for the finance manager role. I will make sure that I select a candidate who is perfect for the job. If you need any updates on the program, I am more than willing to help you out.


Tom Marlstone


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