How to Write Charity Sponsorship Letter

Follow the Format

It is very important to write your sponsorship letter in the proper format, since you may be addressing people that do not know you personally. It is highly recommended that you use an official letterhead to give your sponsorship letter more credibility.

Header your Letter Properly

It is important to header your letter properly. Begin by writing your full name and contact information (postal address, phone number, email address) on the upper left-hand corner, before mentioning the date and adding the recipient’s name and address.

Introduce Yourself

After addressing the recipient with a proper salutation, start your letter with a description of the company, like such and such company is a non-profit organisation committed to rehabilitation of refugees etc. If it is a personal sponsorship letter, begin by introducing yourself, like I am XYZ, student of ABC University….

Clearly Explain the Event and its Purpose

Clearly explain the nature, timing and venue of the event. Also share with your reader how many people will be attending the event, and whether it will be getting media coverage.

Request Sponsorship

After having explained the nature and objective of the event, request the addressee to sponsor it. This is the most important part of your letter, make sure you use soft/polite terms like “if” and “would”. Do not forget to convey your gratitude. For example, our organisation would be very grateful if you helped us by sponsoring this event.

Quote Sponsorship Options

It is a good idea to list the incentives for your sponsors. State clearly what your potential sponsor would get in return, like an online advertisement, a banner or a logo placement etc.

Leave a Feedback Note

State your phone number or email address so that your potential sponsor can contact you for any additional information.

Thank the addressee for his/her time in the end. Concluding your sponsorship letter with a complementary note, like thanks for your time and consideration, or a simple thank you, is always a good idea.

Tips and Warnings:

- Make sure you add breaks between paragraphs. Also leave a space at the end for your signature.
– A typographical mistake or a grammatical error will reflect negatively on you, so it is important to proofread the letter at least two to three times before posting it.
– Do not forget to hand-sign your letter to give it a personal touch.

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