Sample of Product Launch Celebration Letter


A product launch celebration, as the name suggests, is when an organization launches a new product in the market and wants to celebrate with the rest of the staff who has worked so hard in achieving its targets. So whenever you want to write a letter to your staff regarding the celebration letter, you should first of all congratulate them for their achievements.

Use a professional tone to express why exactly you are inviting them to these celebrations. Then give them the time and place for the celebrations so they can be there on time. Make sure that you write everything in detail so there are no absolutely no confusions. You can even give the contact details of the organizer,  just in case anyone has a problem.

Sample of Product Launch Celebration

Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to inform you that our product, Go Lucky, is going to get launched on the 24th of April 2014 and for that we are going to hold a party.  You are all invited to attend this dinner since we are celebrating the launch of our 8th product in the product line. It is a custom in our organization that whenever we tend to launch a new product we always have a huge party and we invite everyone who worked so hard to make it possible.

We would like to congratulate you for making it possible to achieve your targets before the deadline. If it wasn’t for you, we wouldn’t be able to launch the product in the upcoming month.

Make sure that you wear a black tie to the occasion, and the ladies should wear a red scarf; since that goes along with the theme of the party.

We are expecting to see you. The venue is:
James Hotel
Saint Peters Street
Bleak Avenue
New York City

Make sure that you arrive there right before the celebrations begin i.e. 7PM. We hope to see you there and also expect you to bring along your family as well.

Thanks and regards,

Dre Enterprises


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