Sample of Pardon Letter

A pardon letter is written when the execution of a certain person has been announced. It can also be written once the person is in jail and you want to bail him/her out. You write to the ruling authorities and explain to them the actual incident in the most professional and formal way possible.

Sample of Pardon Letter


I am writing this letter in order to let you know that I badly need my brother, Jenkins Anderson, to be released from prison. I pray that God helps me by providing me the right words that may touch your heart and grant my request for pardon.

As I write this, hundreds of thoughts run through my mind. I ask myself how should I say it and what exactly should I say to you. I could explain to you easily that Jenkins was wrongly convicted under the law of parties for the murder to Christina Ross. I could also tell you that he did not kill anyone. Moreover, I could even explain that he was not even present in the store when the incident took place and he could not have known about the incident altogether. I would also like to add that this murder was actually committed by George Murphy, who has already been executed on June 12, 2013 for this crime. Daniel has threatened to kill my brother time and time again and he was the actual shooter when the murder was committed. The lawyers, judges and even Jenkins himself made terrible mistakes while trying to explain the whole scenario. Up until now the system has failed miserably and my dear baby brother is being a victim of these wrong doings; something he did not even commit.

Governor Shaw, you are a part of this system. You have the power to make things right. And most of all, you have the power to save a life. The death of Christina Ross was a tragic accident and there is no denying that. I understand what her family had to go through but my brother, Jenkins, was not a part of this incident.

I hope you take into consideration what I have to say and reconsider the execution of Jenkins Anderson.

Thanks and regards,

Mark Clooney

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