Sample of Meeting Invitation Acceptance Letter

You have to write a letter to that specific someone you are agreeing to officially meet up with due to any reason. Official meetings take place in all organizations. Once you agree to meeting up with someone regarding any situation, you must write them a letter in order to accept the offer of meeting up with them.

In order to do that; first start off by writing a “to” and “from” where you will write the address and designation of both the parties. Then after greeting the person, simply jump to the point and tell them why and where you want to meet up with them.

Explain to them that you got their letter and you now want to hold a meeting just the way they wanted it. Make sure that you write down the few important points which will be discussed during that meeting.

After you are done explaining the objectivity of the meeting, tell them that it will be nice to meet up with them. Moreover, also write down the date and time for the meeting and the venue where you want to meet up with them.

Make sure that your tone is courteous and there are you are not too stiff while accepting to meet up with someone.

Sample of accepting meeting invitation


Michael Hussey
Growing International
234-64, West Avenue
15th October 2013


Sandro Rosell
Alliance Group

Dear Mr. Hussey,

I received your letter about holding a meeting for the business proposal which you presented three months ago. I am thrilled to inform you that after analyzing every aspect of that proposal, we have decided to hold a meeting with you in order to finalize a few things.

I look forward to meeting you on 28th of October 2013. We can discuss everything in detail and finalize a final contract to which the both parties can agree to.

Yours faithfully,

Sandro Rosell
Alliance Group

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