Sample of Academic Suspension Letter


An academic suspension takes place either when a student has not been meeting the minimum academic criteria of a particular institution or he/she has broken a certain rule which is simply intolerable. In any case, you have to write them a letter where you inform them about their academic suspension. Simply write down the reason for their suspension and explain what is to be done with them since they have not been performing up to the mark.

Since it is an official letter, make sure that you keep a formal and professional tone. Keep the letter as concise as possible so that the individual can fully understand the dynamics.

Sample of Academic Suspension Letter

Date: 24/3/2014

Joey Barns
House 213
Mathews Road
Ontario, Canada

Dear Ms Barns,

JYZ College’s Academic Standard Policy states that students must a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.0 or better in order to stay in a good academic standing.  After reviewing your academic record of the Spring Session 2013, we have come to the conclusion that you failed to meet this minimum academic standard. Your record states that your GPA has been less than 2.0 for the last two semesters in JYZ College. Therefore, I am writing this letter to inform you that you have been put on suspension.

Notation of this suspension will also be mentioned on your transcript. Moreover, your future enrolment into the AYZ College has also been put on hold. Now, you remain on a suspension status for at least one semester. However, it is possible that this status remains if the Academic Standards Committee on the campus deems that it is necessary.

We understand that the poor academic performance is caused due to circumstances which are beyond the control of the student. For this reason we also have an appeal mechanism. If you believe that your circumstances should be considered in the final decision which the college has taken, you can always step up and write us an application. You will be required to meet up with the Student Service Representative personally. Additional information will be conveyed to you through him.


George Halo
Student Counsellor
JYZ College.

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