Sample of Farewell Letter to a Principal

Whenever you are leaving school, you must write a farewell letter to the principal in order to let him/her know about your experience of the institution you have been a part of for so many years. Simply write about how you thought the school was and appreciate the fact that you got such a nice principal to look after you. Make them feel that they were important during your course of study.

Sample of Farewell Letter to a Principal

Beacon City School,

Main Boulevard
12390 England, UK

Dear Sir,

I, Luke Young, of the outgoing batch would like to express all my gratitude to you. I would like to thank you for all the kind support which you and the school have provided me during the past seven years I have been here. You were the one who showed me the light and gave me encouragement even when I thought I would never be able to make it. The teachers were always there to help me with whatever I needed and that aided me in becoming what I am today.

You have always served as a guiding light for me. You were the one who showed me my classroom on the very first day and I still can’t forget it. However, now that I have to leave this school, I am saying farewell with a heavy heart. I have always been a disciplined student and have always achieved high grades and it is all because of the schooling I have received. I am proud to say that I am a product of the Beacon City School and I can say that it is the best school in the city right now. Our schooling is the first stage to success and I think I have made it.

Once again thanking you sir for all the support which you have given to me.


Luke Young.


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