Solicitor Letter to the UK Home Office for Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa renewal

This letter to the UK Home Office for Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa renewal focuses on third party funding. Where a third party provided the funding for the Business.

Start the letter off with the type of visa application and the name of the applicant. Make sure to include, if the applicant is making the application from within the UK or from another country.
List the name of the business the applicant is the Director of
Business registered office address
Amount of funding provided
Name of the company or person providing the funding
Address of the investor
Name of the Director of the company providing the investment

It is important for the applicant and the director of the company providing the funding to both attend and get this letter witnessed in front of a lawyer and get it sealed. If you are taking this letter to lawyer you don’t know, you may want to take the CompanyHouse details for both of the companies. It will also help if you were to take the bank statements showing the transaction from one company to the other. Lawyer will also ask to see your passport to verify your identity.

Private & Confidential
The Home Office

[insert date]

Dear Sir/ Madam,

Re: Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) application on behalf of Ms Susan Mills

I write this letter at the request of Ms Susan Mills (DOB: 11.06.1974) who is currently residing in the UK with Tier 1 Entrepreneur status.

Funds for her business, namely ‘”Susan Mills Incorporated” (Company no.: 08298333; Registered Office: 159 High Road South, Luton, IM3 8EZ) of which she is a director, of not less than £200,000 has been provided by inter alia Mills Limited (Company no.: 04541234; Registered Office: 500 Old Hall Street, London, EC8N 9HG ).

The director of Mills Limited is Mr Antony Haze Anode. I have been shown the identity page of Mr Antony Haze Anode’s British passport (no.: [insert number]) which confirms that it was issued by the [insert issuing authority e.g. Identity and Passport Agency, on [insert date valid from] and valid until [insert expiry date]. The document confirms that Antony Haze Anode is a British national.

I hereby confirm that the declaration provided by Antony Haze Anode confirming that third party funds of not less than £200,000 has been made available to Ms Susan Mills was signed before me today ([inset date]) by both Antony Haze Anode and Ms Susan Mills and that the declaration is valid, as are their signatures.

I confirm that I am a solicitor authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority to practice as a solicitor in England and Wales.


Name of the Solicitor

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