Sample of Trip Cancellation Letter

A trip cancellation letter can be of two types. The first one could be where the person who was taking the trip informs the people about how he/she was not able to organize the trip and due to some problems the trip has been cancelled. The second type is where the person responsible for taking the trip writes to the authorities and explains why the trip was cancelled.

Whatever the case may be, you must address the problem to the people you are targeting. Write down concisely and don’t give out extra details about things which are not necessary. Try to sound professional as formal so that you maintain a respect barrier with the person who is reading the letter.

Sample of Trip Cancellation Letter

Dear Sir,

I am writing this letter to inform you that our trip to Guan Industries, which was scheduled to take place on 3rd of January 2014, has been cancelled due to a number of reasons.

It is to remind you that were to go out on a University Trip on 3rd of January, 2014 for a practical insight on how the textile industries operate, but since there were several hitches, we had to cancel the trip altogether.

The reasons why this trip was cancelled have been mentioned below:

-          The landside has blocked the way to the industry site altogether and it is impossible for us to go there.

-          Parents are not allowing most of the students to go out on this industrial trip because of the landslide.

-          There is not a single instructor who is willing to take us for this trip because it is on the weekend.

-          The bus which was booked for this trip does not have the capacity to carry 42 kids.

This trip was extremely important for the class and we really hope that even though we could not make it this semester, we should be able to go there in the next semester. All the students were waiting for this trip to happen but due to unforeseeable circumstances we had to cancel this trip this time round.

All the students are hoping that this trip takes place next semester so we can all go and get to see what the textile industry actually looks like.


Jack B. Stewart

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