Sample of Travel Consent Letter

A travel consent letter is written by a third party (mostly lawyer) who makes a parent and the second party come to common grounds if the parent is letter his/her child go to a certain place with another person. In this letter it is clearly mentioned that during the time the child is away from his/her parent(s), they are solely the responsibility of the person in charge. This is why the letter states all duties which are to be passed on to the person taking care of the child during the time he/she is away.

Since it is an official document, a lot of signatures are required. The two parties coming to common ground and the third party making the deal happen are supposed to sign on the letter. Make sure that you maintain a formal and professional tone throughout the letter.

Sample of Travel Consent Letter

I, Mr Mike Ross, provide my consent for my child, Mr Ricky Martin, to travel with Mr Harvey Dent between Australia and Costa Rica. In case of any emergency Mr Harvey Dent is responsible to take care of my child and inform me on my personal phone number or e-mail address so that I can take notice of the situation.

Moreover, during this time all the medical expenses and any other expenses which are incurred on my child will be given by Mr Harvey Dent since his organization is willing to take this responsibility. Lastly, if there is any mishap throughout this trip, Mr Harvey Dent is solely responsible for it and he will fully bear all the financial costs.

This Authorization is valid for the following time period:

From: 23/5/2014 To: 21/6/2014.

Signature of Parent: (Signature)

Date: 21/5/2014

Print Full Name of Parent: Mike Ross

Home Address:

House 234-B4
Street 83
Northamber Avenue
Melbourne, Australia

Phone Number: 234-987234-09

I solemnly swear that all the above mentioned information about me is true and I, Harvey Dent, accept all responsibilities which have been bestowed upon me.

Signature: Signature

Print Full Name: Harvey Dent

Notary Seal

Notary Signature: (Signature)

Date: 21/5/2014

Notary Printed Name: Daniel Ricardo

My Commission Expires On: 31/5/2014.

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