Sample of Christmas Bonus Letter to Employees

Christmas is a special time of the year for everyone and most companies give out Christmas bonuses to their employees, which are often very well received. Writing a Christmas bonus letter is a formal way of announcing the news to your employees and can really lift the morale around your workplace. You can begin by appreciating your employees and then go on to reflect on the year’s success. Then you can formally announce the bonus amount and conclude the letter with best wishes for the employees and their families.

Sample of Christmas Bonus Letter to Employees

Inventa Technologies
26, Main Boulevard Avenue

Dear Employees,

In recognition of your hard work, dedication and contributions to our company’s success this year, I would like to appreciate all of you at this opportune time. Having realized our goals and aims for the year, now is the time we can all sit back and enjoy the holiday season with our families.

Three of the four projects we started this year are progressing very well and we are seeing positive growth all across the board. The company owes its success to each one of you who have worked with the utmost dedication to see it stand where it does today. In order to show how much we care, we will be giving out a handsome Christmas bonus this year to all our employees. Even if you joined a week ago, you are part of our family and will also be entitled to the bonus.

The next year is very crucial for our company and we will be taking our current projects to the next phase. Given the progress we made this year, we expect all of you to work with the same dedication and achieve success together.

We wish all of you and your families a very merry Christmas. Enjoy your time off, you deserve it!


John Myatt
COO Inventa Technologies

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