Sample of Acceptance Letter for Birthday Party

After receiving an invitation for a birthday party, it is nice if you reply to the invitation through the same medium. For instance, if you have received a written invitation, then perhaps it’s best to write back to that person.

Thank him/her for inviting you over and even suggest them a few things you would like to see at their birthday party. If he/she is a close friend then you can always call them up personally. You can be formal or informal depending upon your relationship with the other person.

Sample of Acceptance Letter for Birthday Party

Dear Mozart,

I am writing to inform you that I will be coming for you birthday party on March 3, 2014. I loved how you took out the time to send me an invite along with all your other relatives and friends. The two of us have always shared a special connection and I am really excited to become a part of this event.

I would just like to know whether this event is going to be a special event with a theme or can I wear anything? I think you should set a theme for this event as it will add to the overall environment. I remember when I had my last birthday I made every guy wear red and every girl wear black. I know it sounds ridiculous, but everyone was having fun with the change in colours.

Moreover, even though we are quite old now, you can always add a few fun and games to the overall thing. I am sure you already have a few things planned out for your party, but I am just trying to suggest a few things which might be helpful for you in order to entertain your guests even more.

I like how you have invited us all to Liu Pau Chinese Restaurant. I have been there and the place has an extremely amazing ambiance. Moreover, the food over there is also delicious.

Once again, thank you for inviting me over for your birthday party. I would like to wish you happy birthday in advance and I pray that this day brings blesses you with all the happiness in the world.

Your friend,


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