Sample of New Year Letter to Parents

Sending you parents a New Year Letter is an excellent way to show them that you remember them when about to start a new year of your life. You can begin by wishing them and inquiring about their health before going on to tell them about your previous year and future plans. You should also ask them about the latest in their lives and if possible promise a visit soon. Conclude the letter by wishing them and any of your siblings that live with them the best for the coming year.

Sample of New Year Letter to Parents

The Andersons
H.No 67, Bromley Street
Homebound Avenue

Dear mom and dad,

I had been planning to write to you but I was so busy with my exams. Now that I am off for the New Year, I miss you both so much. I hope both of you are in great health and having a good time with uncle John and his family. Jenna messaged me last week to let me know they were going to be visiting you guys for the New Year.

This whole year has been so busy for me with all the classes, part-time work and exams. However, it all went well and I am currently in the top five students of my class. I was hoping to come home in this vacations but I would not have been able to spend much time with you guys and thought it best to postpone the plan.

I hope Sheldon is doing good in his studies and not giving you guys much trouble. I have been looking for the watch he asked me to send and will be dispatching it as soon as I get it.

Do let me know what you guys are planning for the new year and ask Sheldon to drop me a message whenever he gets time. I hope to see you guys soon, probably in February. Till then, take care of yourselves and have a happy new year.

Your beloved son,


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