Sample of New Year Letter to Grandparents

A new year is like another chance and opportunity to realize your goals, spend another successful year of your life and achieve things you could not in the previous year. It is also a chance for you to thank the important people in your life and relatives who have supported you and helped you along the way. Sending a New Year letter to your grandparents shows them that you remember them and value their input and advice going into another year of your life.

Begin with asking about their health and wishing them a good year. You can then tell them a little about your previous year and your future plans before taking advice or thanking them for their help. In the end, you should wish them once again before concluding your letter.

Sample of New Year Letter to Grandparents

The Robinsons
H.No 87, Rhodes Street
Jones Avenue

Dear grandpa and grandma,

I am writing this letter to wish you the very best for the coming year and I hope this finds you both in good health. The current whole year has been very important for me and I managed to secure my admission in one of the best universities in the city. Even though it was my hard work that got me in, I am not forgetting the tuition fund you had saved for my higher education. Without your support, I don’t think I would have been able to get the education I always wanted.

While I am thankful for your support, I aim to get excellent grades in the coming year and secure a scholarship for the rest of my degree’s duration. I trust you will remember me in your prayers as well.

I will be sure to visit as soon as I get a break from classes and bring you your favourite apple pie from here. Till then, take care of yourselves and I hope you see better health and a successful coming year as well.

Take care,


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