Sample of New Year Letter to Employees

Being the head of an organization or business means you also have the responsibility of motivating your employees and communicating with them to give them a sense of security and appreciation. When writing a New Year letter to your employees you need to start by giving them an overview of the organization’s performance through the year. In the second paragraph you can congratulate, thank or motivate your employees with your words. Then you can talk about any future plans before finally wishing them the best for the upcoming year, both personally and professionally.

Sample of New Year Letter to Employees

Dear Staff,

It appears that another year is near its end and I would like to inform you all that our company managed to meet most of its goals for the year 2013 and we are seeing positive growth in major departments. I would like to congratulate those who have brought success to our organization and motivate those who have, I hope, learnt from their failures. We must remember that we are a family here and we all work together to achieve success, not only individually but also collectively.

The upcoming year is very important for our company. Not only are we going to expand our operations in Europe but we are also going to be launching several key products over the coming 6 months. I trust that all of you will continue to show the same level of dedication you did all through this year and as a token of the company’s appreciation for your efforts, you will find the year-end bonus quite handsome.

I personally wish all of you and your families an amazing New Year and hope that it brings even more success to all of us and our company.


James Gordon
CEO Telefax

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