Sample of Love Letter

love letter

A love letter is written in order to express your feelings to someone you really care about. You just need to pour your heart out once you want to express your love for someone. So don’t hesitate and write whatever comes to your mind.

It’s okay to get into the details. Write whatever you like about that person. You can be extremely descriptive and you can write whatever you want.

Sample of Love Letter

Dear Rami,

Hard to say what caught my attention: vision craziness, aphid attraction – they simply carve your name on my face. To recognize such a pheromone cult, it was arduous. It’s simply as if I’m a slave to you, but then again I’m a master with no restrains. You exist through my name. When I self-oblige, it’s because I’ve ended up building you inside of me. You are the image which I see when my face reflects in water. You are something inside me which I would hate to eradicate; hence I despise finding you anyway.

You are everything and more, the solemn hypnotic. You are like home to me, bathed in possession. I get nervous, perverse when I see you at your worse. This stress, it’s astounding. I want to keep you to myself. I wish I could make you mine… Forever!

You are the part I’d never want to leave. The inner soul of the soul I keep. You are the reason I can’t weep. I can’t sleep. You are the provoker of my life. The longest chapter of my novel. No matter what, you will end up having me with you, present on your side. It was just a wild dream coming true when I realized that I have, in my possession, an insulated body of an angel which belongs to the heaven no one knows about: you.

You, for me, are vermillion – noticeable, vibrant, yet unparalleled. What makes me dismayed is the fact that having you in my possession is not only difficult, but impossible. However, the idea of growing old seems heavenly once I think about you. Marriage, responsibilities, age, they are all just numbers – you, however, are eternal. Safe to say, loving you isn’t a mistake. It’s an honour.



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