Sample of New Year Letter to Mother

Writing a letter to your mom to wish her a happy New Year can be really emotional. There is a reason why you are writing a letter to her and it’s because you miss her presence. Fill your letter with emotions and make her feel that you do miss and wish that you could be with her.

Sample of New Year Letter to Mother


Katherine Pierce
23498 Olive Road
Drying Load Avenue
Ontario, CA

Dear mom,

How are you? I hope this letter finds you in good health. I know I recently wrote to you on Christmas and now I am writing this letter to you only to wish you a happy New Year. I pray and hope that this year brings you lots of joys and happiness.

You must be wondering how I am finding the time to write you these letters. Well, I don’t have any work these days and that is why I have all the time to give to my family, which definitely includes you. This is the first time that I am not there with you and that is why this is my second letter to you in the last two weeks. I miss you, mom. I wish we can meet soon so we can relive the moments which we did in the past.

I hope Mary is doing well with her children because I haven’t heard back from her since I wrote a letter to her as well. I am sending you a few gifts alongside this letter, please let me know whether you like them or not.

I am missing you on this New Year evening and I really hope that we can be together next year so we can enjoy the holidays just like we used to.

Take good care of yourself and remember me in your prayers.

Your son,

Robert Joe

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