Sample of New Year Letter to Grandmother

Missing your grandmother this New Year’s Eve? Don’t worry! Simply write her a nice New Year letter to make her feel special. Explain how you want to spend time with her and wish that she was with you on this special occasion. If she is close to you, she must be interested in knowing how you are doing and you should give her a few insights of your personal life as well.

Sample of New Year Letter to Grandmother


Anna Nicole
Number 28 Public Drive
23487 Avenue
686 Chelsea, UK

Dear Grandma,

Happy New Year! I hope this letter finds you in good health. This New Year Eve all I’m thinking about is being home with my family. You always told me how moving far apart from my family is going to make me miss them more and that is exactly what is happening with me tonight.

It is safe to say that I feel homesick on this New Year’s Eve. It’s because I am feeling extremely nostalgic after seeing the fireworks. We used to go and watch these fireworks together in London and they would always look so beautiful.

That is the reason why I decided to sit down and write you a letter again, even though I just sent you a postcard on Christmas. I am still awaiting a reply for that postcard in case you haven’t written it already.

I should let you know that I recently got promoted in my company and now I am the executive manager here. Such news will most definitely make you feel proud as your grandson is now working at a very high post. This means that I will be coming back home in February and we can spend the time together.

A happy New Year to you again and please do remember me in your prayers.



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