Sample of Donation Request Letter for Animal Shelter

A donation request letter is typically sent to either an organization known for donating to your cause or any other well known person or celebrity that has a reputation of helping animal shelters or making donations in general. Your letter should start with an introduction and the aim of your institute then you can go on to talk about what you need in order to improve the services at your shelter. In the end you can request a donation and end the letter offering more information if the person is interested.

Sample of Donation Request Letter for Animal Shelter

Bigtime Company
7788 Avenue

Dear COO,

I am the head of the Hope for Animals shelter, located on 7780 avenue and as you might have heard, we have been taking care of abused and sick animals since over 6 years now. We have received several donations from your company over the years and have been utterly grateful for your support in this endeavor of ours.

Unfortunately, we have been seeing a lot of influx of sick dogs coming in and we are starting to run out of room to keep all of them. Our kennels are in desperate need of upgrades and since you have stood by us in our times of need, I am writing to you once again to request help and a donation to cover the costs of our kennel upgrades.

As you must be well aware, running a non-profit organization solely on donations can be daunting task. However, being animal lovers ourselves, we understand the need to do our best and take in as many sick and abused animals as we can. Despite being short on cash, we have been running over the years and that is in no small part due to generous donations from people such as yours. I trust that you will yet again provide us with your invaluable support.


Jason Rudolph

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